Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Smell of Success

Nestled beneath the Olympic Mountains between Discovery Bay and Sequim Bay in Washington State we found a lavender farm. Imagine my delight! Since we were in route to the harbor to catch a ferry to Victoria, BC we could only stop for a few minutes. Long enough to take a few pictures and talk with the folks in the gift shop. Long enough to know I want to learn more and come back to visit another day.

It seems there are many Lavender farms in Sequim , WA (thirty or so I believe) In an effort to help save local farmlands farmers started growing fields of Lavender. Sequim has a unique dry and mild climate which provides the perfect growing conditions for lavender. Together these farms produce 100 different varieties of Lavender. This type of farming is easy on the environment and is good business for agritourism. Some farms even promote "pick your own" lavender.

I had heard about Lavender farms on the West coast but never dreamed they were this far north in Washington State. In fact, the Sequim Lavender Growers Association has an annual Lavender festival the 3rd week in July. A special time dedicated to all things lavender. Crafts, cooking, growing tips, tours of Lavender farms, plant sales are just a few of the activities and classes offered during the festival.

During the rest of our drive I'm already thinking this Lavender Festival next July would make a great gardening 'road trip' - how about it? Anyone want to go?

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Emily said...

Maddie told me she would like to sign up for the "road trip" she loves the color purple.