Monday, December 7, 2009

Kitchen Garden Success Story

Our friends, Tom and Lucy visited my raised bed kitchen garden this past fall and decided to go home and build one of their own. They located the garden near their driveway in a sunny location that they pass by everyday. Smart logic! This garden will be well tended or at least looked at on a daily basis so weeds, pests, harvest and water needs will never sneak up on them.

Landscape fabric was placed under the raised beds and between the beds to control weeds; a great use for this type of fabric and it will keep these new veggie gardeners from getting discouraged. Weeds also compete for water and nutrients so keeping them at bay makes sense.

They decided to build a hoop house over one of the 4'x8' beds to grow a cool season garden. Another plus to choosing a location that you pass by daily since the hoop house is hand ventilated each sunny day by opening the ends of the plastic. They have been picking greens here and there but yesterday they decided it was time to pick a bunch. That is a beautiful mess of collards, kale and Swiss chard. Tom plans on trying to grow greens and such all winter using the hoop house. Its so crazy it just might work...awesome job Tom and Lucy!!!

A beautiful bouquet of greens in December

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